I can't say enough good things about yoga instruction with Georgina. She has introduced me to yoga and it has transformed my life in many ways, health, well being, pain management, flexibility and discipline. The small intimate sessions enables her to concentrate on all of us individually and address pointedly different ailments we maybe suffering . For example I have had lower back issues after the birth of my 4th child. I have been taking reluctantly anti inflammatory drugs regularly. My core was weak. I now no longer have to. I am stronger and flexible and have so much renewed energy. I work with the body and the breath. It becoming a way of life. Its simply fantastic. Thank you to a very gifted lady who strives to help and guide others - truly inspirational and highly recommended.  Mrs  R

A few years ago, I had a horse riding accident which resulted in breaking 2 bones in my Sacrum. I spent many weeks in bed both in hospital and at home. I lost a lot of my muscle tone and with it the confidence to do the basic of tasks, let alone exercise! Since I have joined Om Yoga Studio, I have been given the confidence and belief in a different form of exercise again. It's not been easy, but with the small groups you are almost receiving one to one training. Georgina has a lot of empathy to ensure everyone succeeds and we all leave her class feeling like winners. A great class, one I look forward to each week.  Mrs B

I have always wanted to try Yoga but I have problems with my knees and hands and so seeing as I thought most Yoga poses involved kneeling or being on your hands I have never thought it would be very good for me, However when I contacted Georgina I found I was very wrong, much to my delight. She has such an incredible understanding of the body and changes Yoga poses to suit me. I have thoroughly enjoyed my private sessions with Georgina, I feel so much better in my  body and as much as I hate to say it, in my mind too. Thank you. Mr M


 I attended Georgina’s beginners’ meditation class in Jan/Feb and had the best time. The course was fantastic; it taught me how to meditate and how to be more mindful. I’ve done meditation courses before, yet this has to be the best one by far. Not only do you learn how to meditate and be mindful, but you also learn how to change your thought patterns and perspective.
Georgina is a fantastic teacher combining many different practices and philosophies. She is calm, fun and supportive. She even gives you chocolate, so what’s not to love?
I would thoroughly recommend this course and Georgina’s Oasis of Calm at the Om Yoga Studios ❤️❤️❤️ Mrs I



Is there parking?

Yes there is plenty of free parking in the courtyard right outside the studio.

Do I need a mat or any equipment?

No I have everything you will need but please feel free to bring yours if you prefer! 

What do I wear?

Comfortable clothing that you can move around easily in, leggings, yoga trousers, layers are a good idea as 

you may get warm.

Do I need to bring water?

Yes you do need to bring water, its very important to keep hydrated.

Can I eat before a class? 

You can have something very light, up to an hour before class but its advisable not to eat a heavy meal up to  two hours before.

I find it hard to sit on the floor during meditation, what do I do?

Lie down, Since Yogi Nidra was taught to the Buddhist Monks, its now realised that so long as you remain conscious during meditation then you can lie down, the worry was that people would just fall asleep! There are several other options for you, you can try sitting on a block or against a wall or on a chair, if this is still uncomfortable for you, then you can lie down on your back with a bolster under your knees or on your side is also fine, being comfortable is very important.