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Beginners Mindfulness Meditation Course

Suitable for total beginners and for those who think that they just couldn't learn meditation. On this course not only do you learn very important and essential meditation techniques, but also learn more about yourself, what you need more or less of and how to correct old habits and patterns in your life.

 This course is a wonderfully gentle and supportive course where your emotional well being and confidentially really matters. 

Course start date is Monday February 24th until Monday March 30th, 6.30pm one hours and fifteen mins.

Course feedback


I attended Georgina’s beginners’ meditation class in Jan/Feb and had the best time. The course was fantastic; it taught me how to meditate and how to be more mindful. I’ve done meditation courses before, yet this has to be the best one by far. Not only do you learn how to meditate and be mindful, but you also learn how to change your thought patterns and perspective.  Georgina is a fantastic teacher combining many different practices and philosophies. She is calm, fun and supportive. She even gives you chocolate, so what’s not to love?  I would thoroughly recommend this course and Georgina’s Oasis of Calm at the Om Yoga Studios ❤️❤️❤️ Mrs I


Yoga Nidra

Come along and enjoy some me time. 

Yoga Nidra is a beautifully relaxing  guided meditation, where all you have to do is make sure you are comfy, cozy and simply relax, lying down on a sheepskin, covered in a blanket.  If you struggle to relax, sleep, have trouble with anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, PTSD, burn out, hormonal issues, anger or would like to set and/or achieve a goal  Yoga Nidra is for you.

Please see the Yoga Nidra page above for more details.

Sunday February 23rd @ 6.30pm 1/12 hours including refreshments.