Yin Yoga

About Yin Yoga

Very much like the pace of life, Yoga practices have become about 'striving' and sometimes loses the true essence of Yoga. Unlike other Yoga, which include more movement are energy based Yoga practices. Yin is the opposite and is a slow, thoughtful and mostly mat based practise. Yin poses are generally held between one and five minutes allowing the body to let go and the muscles and soft tissue to loosen their grip on the body allowing a softness and openness to evolve. After these long holds comes a feeling of balance, calmness and acceptance. In practising Yin Yoga , we attempt to find our own balance. 

"It is like those old transistor radios, the turning of the dial to tune into where we actually are right in the moment. Not where we would like to be, nor where we have been in the past but right in the moment, a tuning in, a turning on. In doing this, there can be a dropping inwards and perhaps a dropping away of some of the stuff that we carry: plans  and preoccupations, projectings and ambitions, identities and frustrations" by Norman Blair, Yin Yoga teacher and teacher trainer.

Having scoliosis and other back conditions, I have found Yin to be the one thing I can rely on to 'smooth me out' my body feels normal  and my mind calm when I leave my Yin practice.

Yin Yoga is suitable for total beginners to advanced.

Please contact me if you would like more information or are unsure this is right for you. Georgina